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Product Descriptions

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Brown Sifted Mulch - Better Grade. It has been screened to remove the larger pieces. It is not as fine as the Bark and not as dark. It is more consistent in texture. Some describe it as "Triple Shredded."  As with all natural mulch, sun fading occurs over time. A beautiful natural mulch that you won't be disappointed with. My personal favorite and has become the most popular natural mulch.


Dyed Red, Black or Brown - Environmentally safe, shredded and dyed. This mulch is not made from recycled pallets or construction debris.  Color will resist fading from the sun better than "natural" mulch.  Lesson learned...mulch will wash out if it's put down right before or during rain!


Wood Chips - All wood chips approximately 1 ½ inches, no bark. Doesn't pack down like mulch and provides a natural "cushion." Larger pieces stay out of kids clothes and keep Mommy happier. Great for covering muddy pet areas and pedestrian walks. Does not meet ASTM F1292-09 Standard Specification for Impact Attenuation of Surfacing Materials within the Use Zone of Playground Equipment...see below.


Play Ground Wood Carpet - Finely ground wood mulch certified to meet government standards.

  · ASTM F1292-04 - Standard Specification for Impact Attenuation of Surface Systems Under and Around Playground Equipment

  · ASTM F2075-04 - Standard Specification for Engineered Wood Fiber for Use as a Playground Safety Surface Under and Around Playground Equipment


Mushroom Dirt - Sometimes called mushroom mulch. An organic combination of soil, manures and hay. Makes an excellent soil conditioner/ fertilizer for gardens and flower beds. (Google Mushroom Mulch for additional information) .


Top Soil - Raw top soil that has not been screened.  It can contain clumps, roots and rocks (not boulders).

Screened Top Soil - I sift my topsoil through a 3/8 inch screen, so it's free of clumps and other debris. It's really nice to work with when compared to regular unscreened topsoil.  Some uses include resurfacing a poor lawn before replanting, filling in along driveways and making raised gardens.  

Garden Blend - Screened topsoil mixed 2:1 with a rich manure based compost.

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